Welcome to a place where learning happens because you're reading stuff in the same language that you use, language that you might find offensive (if you do get offended, you may want to pause and reflect), and where we all reside; real life in the real world. Take what you want and leave the rest on your own trash heap of useless information.

Punk Rock Psychology is my response to an art and science that has scurried down some kind of rabbit hole of total weirdness. Research methods are weak, what research doesn't completely suck often fails to address anything of substance, and academic reputation is driving what is thought of important (read "true"). Psychology, as a science, is governed by people who are agenda driven, and good science doesn't have an agenda; it's supposed to be an attempt explain something or answer a question to the extent that anything about being human can be explained or answered.

Punk Rock Psychology is my (and maybe our) transparent and full frontal attack on psychology academics who have lost the ability to think critically and, instead, are compulsively focusing on twisting up language rather than focusing on the reasons that prompted  creating twisted up language in the first place. Does naming something differently than what it used to be named influence how you think, perceive, or believe? For example, does changing the name for mental retardation (now named "cognitive developmental disorder") lead you to think and thus behave differently toward a person who has the disorder? Nope. Is there a meaningful difference between a materialist and an atheist? Nope. Is there such a thing as "tolerance" and "coexistence"? Not in our species' history. Do you feel better about yourself because of the language you use or change? If so, you forget that most of what you know about other people is based on what they do and not what they say. We're all bigots. Deal with it.

Let's be critical thinking leaders and scientists, not goosestepping conformists who think of themselves as scientists, and who vilify (say and do nasty things) to those who choose to have a different perspective. Remember, science is not based on consensus (the number of people who "agree"); it is based on objectivity. The number of people who like or agree with a scientific explanation has nothing to do with truth. The same can be said about life. Remember that as you move through it.



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