The Lie and The Defense

DOA: Still a Punk

Post-secondary education (college) has fallen off of a cliff. It has only itself to blame, really, because it bends to the failing K-12 paradigm. In normal language, this means that the college education you are getting sucks more with every passing semester because it allows the K-12 system to dictate what and how colleges do and operate. It used to be the other way around; K-12 schools chose or developed curriculum based on the standards of colleges and universities in order to prepare students for success in the college they chose to attend. Not anymore. These days, students, particularly those in high school, are repeatedly told that success in life requires a college degree (lie #1). They are victims of a boilerplate education that conditions them to believe that there is only one right answer to every question (lie #2). They have been led to believe that they can succeed in college based on the collective educational experience they have had (lie #3). They are told that they have received an education (lie #4).

Colleges and universities freely admit that their academic standards are dropping in order to limit the number of “F” grades that are given, and to keep students from dropping out. Rather than remediate and close the learning gap created by a shoddy K-12 experience, colleges are essentially giving up on themselves and, more importantly, the students.

Colleges and universities are systems. They are not living, thinking entities, which means they cannot change. The living and thinking entities within the system are the people who work there, and they can decide to change whenever it makes sense to do so (assuming they have the courage to change). Some will make changes and others won’t. Those that won’t make changes typically can’t because they are unaware of their reasons for doing what they do. If asked, they could not provide a rational and defensible explanation for how and what they do. They have no philosophy of self and teaching that can be articulated. This is one’s defense for rejecting bullshit organizational routines that are presented as necessary and/or meaningful; this is the foundation upon which individual change can lead to systemic change.

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Teaching Philkosophy

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